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Endurance House Oceanside

12042970_1191063274240389_1731626565144810611_n-225x300Sabrina Swift, Co-Owner / Oceanside Native

Sabrina Swift was born and raised in Oceanside, Calif. She began swimming and playing tennis her freshman year at Oceanside High School (OHS) and went on to qualify for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) in swimming both her junior and senior years. In her four years at OHS, Swift set three school records in swimming and was named Female Athlete of the Year in 2009.

After high school graduation, Swift went on to attend the University of California, Davis (UCD), where she was a member of the collegiate triathlon team for four years. While at UCD, Swift competed at the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship in Alabama and Arizona.

Her senior year at UCD she was named president of the collegiate triathlon team. During her time as president, Swift fought to help bring recognition to women’s triathlon as an emerging NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) sport. She remains passionate about collegiate triathlon and hopes to aid in the effort to have triathlon recognized as an official NCAA sport.

Swift returned to Southern California after graduating from UC Davis, where she will use her passion for fitness to help introduce athletes to endurance activities of all levels.

11873446_10203344610614860_5641517975044499024_n-300x300Matt Houston, Co-Owner / Director of Fun

Matt Houston has always been an enthusiast of competitive sports, but it was not until his college years that he discovered his true passion for endurance sports.

It began with a short bike ride in Palm Springs where he was handed a pamphlet for the Newport Beach Triathlon. Two months later, he toed the finish line and hasn’t looked back.

Having played high school football in Los Alamitos, Calif., Houston was looking for a new activity to drive his passion for sports when he arrived at the University of California, Davis (UCD).

He joined the collegiate triathlon team at UCD and competed for two years, which only furthered his love for the sport.

After graduating from UC Davis, Houston moved back to Southern California where he hopes to apply his passion for endurance sports and his experience in retail management to help people better themselves and achieve their goals. Today, Houston continues to compete in numerous triathlons, running and swimming races throughout the country.