2018 Endurance House Oceanside Team and Coaching

We are expanding in 2018 to bring you more coaching and training



2018 Endurance House Oceanside Coaching and Training

Are you ready to take on 2018

We are expanding our coaching and training options in 2018. Endurance House Oceanside is remodeling and building a training studio at the Downtown Oceanside location. Not only are we physically expanding, we are now offering custom training plans and private one-on-one sessions for swimming, biking, running, and strength training.


Redefine Your Possible

** Attention all 2018 Oceanside 70.3 athletes- We specialize in this course! We will get you prepared and ready for race day. We offer exclusive workouts and practices that are focused on this course. We had over 10 athletes compete this year and we are hoping to double that number in 2018!**

Endurance House Oceanside Team Membership Includes:

  • 4 Training Program Options with Training Plans – Sprint, Olympic, Half Distance (70.3) and Full Distance (140.6)
  • Coached Exclusive Team Workouts
  • Clinic and Workshop Series
  • Team Socials
  • 15% Store Discount for 2018
  • Access to Team Night
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Endurance House Team Tri Kit (MRP $180)
  • Discounted Race Entries

Endurance House Oceanside Custom Training Includes:

  • Custom Training Plan
  • Athlete chooses race schedule
  • Unlimited plan changes
  • Unlimited contact with coach
  • Access to exclusive team workouts
  • Access to clinics and socials
  • 15% in-store Discount for 2018
  • Early Entry into select IRONMAN Races by IM TriClub
  • Access to Team Night

Private One-on-One Sessions (1-hour)

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching


What is the difference between the Endurance House Team and Custom Coaching?

First off, let’s just say that our amazing Team Coach Dea coaches both options. You will be in good hands regardless of which option you choose. Team training is grouped into four different training programs (Sprint, Olympic, Half IM, and Full IM training) that revolve around designated team races. In the team, you will also get an endurance house kit. Both options will receive access to the clinics, socials, and team night. If you plan on racing outside of those races or want to pick a specific race to train for, then custom coaching might be the better option for you. Custom coaching is a monthly fee.


Team Sign Up Details

Choose between semi-annual, annual, or monthly customized coaching.

No obligation to race. Does not include race entries. Non-refundable.


Registration and Training Start Dates:

Annual team registration from September 1st 2017 – November 11th, 2017

Annual Team Training from November 11th 2017- November 1st 2018

Semi Annual Team registration from September 1st 2017 – November 11th, 2017

Semi Annual 2 Team Training from November 11th 2017 – November 1st 2018



Annual Team: $795 (3 month installments available)

Annual Alumni Discount: $695 (2017 annual members only)

TriBuddy Discount – If you and a friend sign up for the annual team, you both will save $50. Both athletes must be new to the team.

Monthly installments will be November 1st, December 1st and January 1st.

Semi-Annual Team: $495 ( 2 monthly installments available)

Monthly Installments will be November 1st and December 1st.

Custom Coaching: $150/month

Private One- on-One ( 1 hour) – $50


Team Races:

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.58.07 PM



How do I join?

Register for the Endurance House Oceanside Team by stopping by the store, calling 760- 231-6693 or emailing sswift@endurancehouse.com

Once registered, you will be emailed by Sabrina (Team Manager) and given all the necessary team information.


Any questions? Call 760-231-6693 or email sswift@endurancehouse.com



Our Leadership Team is experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable. Learn more about them below!

Coach Dea – Head Coach

Andrea Bess is the Head Coach and Trainer at Endurance House Oceanside. Andrea was born in Brazil and then moved to Hawaii. She lived on the big island for many years before moving to San Diego, CA with her daughter. Andrea is a well-respected triathlete and has competed at the IRONMAN World Championship 4 times. She has close to 100 triathlons under her belt and 20 IRONMAN finishes. She has 15 years of triathlon coaching experience. She has coached many new triathletes and several top performing age-group athletes.

Sabrina Houston– Team Manager & Owner

Sabrina handles the logistics within the team and is the Team Manager. Sabrina is a former collegiate triathlete and north county local. She raced short course in college and then moved to longer distance post-college. In 2015, she qualified for the IRONMAN World Championship at her first IRONMAN and raced Kona in 2016.

Matt Houston- Owner

Matt is the co-owner of Endurance House, resident bike guy, and buyer. Matt was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He was a high school football player before becoming a collegiate triathlete. Matt still enjoys racing throughout the year at the 70.3 distance.

CW Moran – Service

CW is the head mechanic and general manager at Endurance House. CW is fast, fast, fast. He ran NCAA in college and turned into a professional triathlon after college. He has podium in the professional circuit at the 70.3 distance. When CW isn’t working on bikes, he is riding his.

Tom Fitch- Sales & Service

Tom is our resident bad ass! At 67, Tom was a late bloomer to the sport of triathlon, not even learning to swim until he was 56. At 57, he completed his first triathlon and never looked back. Now more than 60 triathlons later and 5 Ironmans under his belt, he is a wealth of knowledge in athletic training, running form, and maintaining fitness for the long haul!

Kanyama Sharper- Service/ Fluent in Marine

Kanyama is the relative “newbie” here at Endurance House Oceanside. He comes to us after a decorated career in the United States Marine Corps. Kanyama can be seen around Endurance House bringing bikes back to life, selling shoes, and talking smack with fellow Marines. His extensive knowledge of racing, products, and service makes him an invaluable piece of the Endurance House family.


Q: I have never done a triathlon…..I have no idea where to begin?

A: You are in good hands! We first started this team in 2016 to help new triathletes get comfortable in the sport. We welcome all level of triathletes. Most people join triathlon and aren’t strong in 1 or more of the disciplines. Our clinics and workshops are perfect for learning the basics in swimming, biking, running or refining your skills to get faster. Our group is a mix of young, old, new triathletes, and experienced ones!

Q: How do I receive my training?

All of our training is done through Training Peaks, which is a free app. This App allows Coach Dea to upload your training plan. You will be able to see your workouts and leave comments for her to see.

Q: Why should I join a team versus having just a training plan?

This team will motivate you and keep you on track. A training plan can be confusing and unrealistic. There is no feedback with a generic training plan. You will not only get in shape with this team but you will build friendships. We can’t emphasis enough the benefits athletes receive when they are able to do group training. It makes it more enjoyable and fun! We also offer monthly clinics and socials that focus on different aspects of triathlon. Whether you are new to triathlon or an elite age grouper, this team will challenge you and help you achieve your goals.

Q: I don’t have a bike…. ? Help.

A: The Endurance House Team receives an in store discount and a special bike discount. Our retail store is stocked with everything you need for triathlon. We have running shoes, cycling shoes, bikes, swimming gear, wetsuits, nutrition, and more!